Why Customer Service?

There are two reasons to be in business:

1. To get customers

2. To keep your customers

You can have the best product in the world, but you will not grow your business if you are not able to deliver service your customers value.  People are prepared to spend more if they know you will look after them, make them feel special and appreciate their custom.

The simple things can have the most powerful impact and sometimes we just need to be reminded of these little things to help us deliver great customer service.

Even if your role at work is supporting those who have direct contact with the customer, your job is still to deliver good customer service to your colleagues. Your internal customers are equally important to the overall delivery of service across the company, from the top right down to the lowest levels.  Everyone in an organisation is responsible for generating the income that will pay their wages, so customer service is vital in all and every job.

Do not take customer service for granted. Get yourself trained and you will be noticed – by the customers, those you work with and those above you.  A sure way to personal growth and promotion within the workplace, is to shine and customer service is it!

So, if you raise your customer service delivery, you will notice a boom in sales and ultimately an environment where your customers will enjoy spending time and their money.  Your staff will enjoy being a part of your business and so everybody wins.

Let the games begin…



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