Sale, Discount, Special Offer, Giveaway

Be creative!  Think of something that will get customers in through your door or onto your website.  The sale, discount, special offer or giveaway must be really worth it. Be clear with your information and have a striking picture – and of course a link to more information or to the website where they can actually buy your product or service. In your post, ask your customers to share the post with their friends too.  You may be surprised how many of them will actually share it – but it has to be something they don’t want their friends to miss out on.

Now that you have gone through 30 days of posting and learning about your Facebook Page, you can now start on Day 1 again and repeat this coming month.  As you grow more confident you will explore other options, but hopefully this had helped you gain some understanding of what you are trying to achieve with your Facebook Fan Page.

If you would like some additional support, you can get your hands on a little ebook on Amazon to take the Facebook ‘bull by the horns’ and help you feel more equipped to grow your presence on Facebook.