Find and Tag Allies

It is important to connect and network with other businesses in your niche, and those who can support and promote you. You may even foster some very valuable business alliances. Make a conscious effort to find and ‘like’ other business Pages.

‘Like’ them as your personal profile, but also as your business. When you go to their Business Page, go to the box, just under their cover Page where you, as a visitor to their Page can comment. You will see your small personal profile picture in the top right of the comment box with a little arrow. Click on the arrow to change who you are posting and ‘liking’ as – your business or your personal profile.

It is important to let other businesses know you are out there.  Once they see you have commented as your business, they may pop over to your Page and have a look around and may even become a new customer, a business ally or a collaborator.

You can also tag other Pages to enhance relationships, but you can only do this if you have ‘liked’ their Page. You can mention them in a post by typing an @ before the name of their business (without a space between the @ and their Facebook Page name). This will bring up options for you to select as a drop-down box. Click on the Page you want to tag from this drop-down box. The Page administrator of the Page you have tagged, will get a notification to say that you have tagged them. They may then share your post on their Page.

Nurture your network for an even wider reach.

Create Your ‘Perfect’ Customer

To grow your community, you need to know who your customers are so that you can understand them better, test and create content for that specific group of people. You want them to buy – buy your product or service or just to buy into your idea, your concept or your cause.

Ask yourself loads of questions about your audience:

Who are they? Individuals? Organisations? Gender? Age? Locations?

What movies and actors do they like? What television shows do they watch?

What magazines and newspapers do they read? Who are their influencers? Who do they listen to? Who has lots of fans? What other networks are they linked to?

What big brands, sports, athletes, companies and associations do they follow?

What are their values, their beliefs, behaviours, desires, dreams and their likes?

How do they spend their free time?

Where do they shop online and physically? What do they spend their money on? What do they look for?

What do they find interesting and useful? Do they like images or videos?

What are they saying on social media? Do they talk to you?

What are they talking about amongst themselves?

What channels and platforms are your competitors using?

Create your ‘perfect’ customer then test your audience by posting what you think they would like and see how they react to your posts. If they react, share, comment and engage with your posts, then continue to do more of that. And do less of what doesn’t get the same responses.