Share your Page in Groups

Find groups that have members who would be your potential customers.  Join these groups and read the group description.  Some groups encourage the sharing fan Pages, other groups ban any sort of sharing and some groups allow you to share your Page on a certain day of the week.  Be sure to stick to the group rules or you could cause yourself some problems.

If you are allowed to share you Page, share it in about three groups.  All you need to do is to go to your Page, copy the url (web link), and when in the group, write a comment, tag your Page (use the @ sign and then type your Page name, without a space), and then post the link to your Page.

‘Like’ Your Competitors

Look at your competitors’ top posts:

  • How many shares are they getting? How many ‘likes’?
  • Find 5 posts that get a lot more shares than average, and 5 that get little or no shares
  • What do these shared posts have in common?
  • What do the unshared posts have in common?
  • Pay special attention to the images – assess how they are being used and if they are being used effectively
  • Re-use an image (copyright permitting) that gets shared a lot, or find a new one that is the kind of image they share