Text in Pictures

Text in pictures such as famous and motivational quotes to inspire are a great way to get your posts shared. You can either find and share them from other Business Pages, or you could create them yourself. Take your own photographs or you can find images online. There are many websites that offer free downloads for hundreds of thousands of images, which are copyright-free. You can adapt and edit these images and use them in your marketing and across your social media platforms. Search for these websites, sign up and download their high quality, beautiful images. They will give your business, group or community a professional look.

There are many free apps and programmes available for smartphones and desktops which you can use to add text to your photographs, so search around. They are great to get information on your pictures that you are going to use on social media – information about your business, a sale, a special, something funny or a quote. The ideas, layouts and formats are almost endless.

Add Other Pages to Your Insights

Identify and then find your competitors, big or small. This would be anyone you ‘fight with’ for your customers’ dollar. Find other organisations in your niche and your industry that may not be competitors, but share something with your business. Look at what they are all doing? Do they have the same social media objective as you?

Go to your ‘Insights’ tab and scroll down to the ‘Pages to Watch’ section. Click on ‘Add Pages’ and type in the name of Business Pages you want to keep an eye on. Check in here periodically to see what their statistics are like compared to yours.