If you have a Group and not a Page for your business, you need to think about these points:

  1. A group is a closed environment – great to chat to existing customers, but your business will never grow if you just have a group
  2. Others can’t tag your business if it is a group
  3. The members in your group can’t share your posts or theirs outside of the group
  4. There is limited opportunity for your group to be picked up in Facebook searches
  5. You can’t create public events in a group for your launches, specials etc
  6. You can’t advertise your business in the newsfeed of those who have liked your Page or their friends when you do sponsored advertisements

Overall a group is great for a community or for a niche topic, but if you want your business to expand, you need a Page and not a group.

Here are the reasons why:

  1. A Page is completely public – great to reach new customers to help your business grow – see it as free advertising
  2. A Page can be tagged which gives friends, and their friend an instant live link to your business
  3. Those who have liked your Page can share your posts which increases your business’s reach
  4. Pages feature high in the Facebook search algorithms
  5. You can create public events through your Page which your community can share publicly with their friends
  6. When you do sponsored advertisements, you can target those who have liked your Page and their friends – they have already shown an interest in your business, so why would you not want to target them directly? And if someone has shown an interest in your business, this comes up in their friend’s newsfeed as a Page they have liked or a Page they have commented on or shared – word-of-mouth is still the most powerful form of advertising.