There are thousands of resources at your fingertips, but here are a few to get started:


This is a great website to get everything from logo and web design to a spokesperson, model, blog posts or a video advertisement – all starting at $5.  Browse to see what is on offer and what you can use to enhance your Facebook Page.

Facebook for Continued Professional Development

Pursue personal development by finding blog posts, books, videos and websites that can keep you up to date with the developments.  Facebook also has coaching on offer including webinars you can sign up to.  Keep yourself informed or you will fall behind.


Although the information on Wikipedia may not always be accurate, most of the images on the site are copyright free. Of course you will need to check each photograph because you could end up with a law suit if you use something that has terms and conditions for use which you haven’t applied. But, click on the image you think you would like to use and you will see all the relevant copyright information you need to decide if you can use it on your Facebook Page.


Hootsuite is a website that will help to integrate your social media into your business and marketing plan.

  1. It reduces the resources such as time and people needed to monitor, search, and research as well as engage on all your social media platforms.
  2. It reduces the burden so you can concentrate on things that you are good at and on things that will generate your money.
  3. It help to co-ordinate campaigns across other social media platforms that you choose to get involved with.

Get an account. It is free to sign up and use on a small scale.  Test it out to see if it works for you, your business and your time.  It of course does has its pros and cons.


Canva is a site where you can buy top quality images for as little as $1. Just a little tip – don’t edit the photographs you have bought on the Canva website.  Download the image and then edit it on your computer.

Text on Picture Apps or Programmes

There are many of these free apps and programmes available for smartphones and desktops, so search around.  They are great to get info on your pictures that you are going to use on social media – information about your business, a special or a quote. The ideas, layouts and formats are almost endless.

Have fun creating!