Fill out as much of the profile information on your Page as possible. Click on the ‘About’ tab and edit the page.  Add your website (if you have one), your address (if you have a physical location from where you operate), words to describe your organisation (which will come up in searches on Facebook), give your organisation a username, (which will also help in searches), short and long descriptions of your business, (using the ‘voice’ you have selected to use for your business / brand – casual, chatty or formal).

And now – launch your presence and start to post items on your page. Start with topics people are talking about and care about.  Avoid controversial topics, and try to assesses what people enjoy seeing, reading and most importantly, what your target audience is liking and sharing on Facebook.

Identify similar Pages as your own.  Like them and gauge how they engage with their target audience.

 Stages of Expansion to increase your reach:

  1. Show your Face
  • Make sure your Facebook profile is accessible from the home page (top of) of your organisation website
  • Put your Facebook link on your email signature
  • Make connections with partners and local organisations you already know by inviting them to ‘Like’ your Page and also interact on their Page so you are more visible.
  1. Create your Business Book
  • Publicise your Facebook presence in a press release – online, in the local paper, in industry publications and take every opportunity to be featured in newsletters and interviews, advertising and other broadcasts. Keep your ears to the ground for opportunities to get the face of your organisation out there.
  • Connect with influencers – locally or in your niche. Who are the people you know who can help raise your profile? Bloggers are also a good source.
  • Initiate conversations with your audience and encourage feedback
  • Actively participate on other Pages and tag other businesses and they will start to follow and interact with you
  • Find businesses you could work well with and connect with them
  1. Full Facebook Mode
  • Implement interactive campaigns, competitions, games and opportunities for more interaction – be creative
  • Establish connections with a respected local celebrity or a celebrity in your niche
  • Continue to do what works for you and drop what doesn’t. If it doesn’t work, it is not worth the energy and the time – time is money to your organisation.
  • Continue with regular content distribution – it doesn’t have to be your own. Share content from other Pages.  This will also help to raise your profile.