In order to grow your community, you need to know them.  Decide who your audience is so that you can understand them better and test and create content for that specific group of people. You want them to buy – maybe buy your product or service, but maybe just to buy into your idea, your concept or your cause.

Ask yourself loads of questions about your audience:

Who are they? Individual? Organisations? Gender? Age? Locations?

What movies and actors do they like?

What television shows do they watch?

What magazines and newspapers do they read?

Who are their influencers? Who do they listen to? Who has lots of fans? What other networks are they linked to?

What big brands, sports, athletes, companies and associations do they follow?

What are their values, their beliefs, behaviours, desires, dreams and their likes?

How do they spend their free time?

What do they spend their money on?

What do they look for? What do they find interesting and useful? Do they like images?  Videos?

What are they saying? Do they talk to you? What are they talking about amongst themselves?

Create your ‘perfect’ customer then test it all by seeing how they react to your posts. If they react, share, comment and engage with your posts, then continue to do more of that. And do less of what doesn’t get the same responses.