Humanize Your Company

Having a Facebook Page gives you a unique opportunity to attach your face to your brand.  People love to know the person behind the business and remember, people don’t buy the product, people ‘buy’ the person behind the product.  Humanize your company using your Facebook Page.

Build a Community

You can build a community around your brand using your Facebook Page.  It is on your Facebook Page where people will come for useful information – information they need and want.  Your product or service will always be a solution to a problem your they may have, so give your customers the information that will create a loyal customer base, which will lead to sales.

A Facebook Page also connects your customers to each other. They can participate in the community, share, chat and feel like they are a part of something. They feel liked and they feel you and the community really care about them – they are no longer a number, but a person, and that means they are loved and accepted.

They can collectively express opinions and ideas and you can support them. It is on your Page that you become accessible. As people participate in your Page, their friends will see their interaction with you and your business, which will also lead those friends to your Page, so you have a wider reach.

Information Your Company can Use

Your Facebook Page is a wonderful place to get information, reviews and feedback from your customers. When someone ‘Like’ a comment or a post on your Page, it means they have found the information useful.  So, you can find out exactly what they want, or need. You can get to know your customers better which is invaluable when you are marketing, creating packaging, developing your brand and working on ways to expand your business.

Offer Incentives

If you want to boost sales, introduce your product to new customers, or have a promotion, you can put an incentive directly in front of your customers.  You don’t have to wait for footfall to engage your customers – you can engage them where they are – on Facebook.

Direct Traffic

You can use your Facebook Page to direct traffic to your website, to your blog or to your YouTube channel – posting links to increasing your reach.

Your Competitors

I bet your competitors already have a Facebook Page.  You need to be where they are and what they are doing to be a credible competitor.  And of course, you can see what they are doing successfully and adapt their successes to suit you and your business – learn from those around you. Do not try to re-invent the wheel.  By following your competitors you can also track their progress and respond accordingly.

It’s Fun

I think one of the best parts of marketing is that is it fun to have a presence on Facebook. It is exciting and fulfilling to create and develop your strategy and chat directly to your customers.

Play with it to grow your business.