On a Facebook Page, you can put your business or organisation in front of your customers every day and you can talk and transmit messages to them directly.  Remember, your customers are eager to learn all they can about you, your business and also engage directly with you. They love this and will develop a sense of ownership of your brand – they feel like they are a part of something special, which leads to customer loyalty.

You can target your customer directly with comments, photographs, links, videos, and articles – a great way to share valuable information about or relevant to your product or service. This adds value to your product, business or organisation. Use your Page as a forum for discussion and support, where questions and concerns can be handled quickly and professionally – your new channel to deliver effective customer service.

Information is two way – as a business you can use your Page to gather valuable information from your customers. Encourage engagement by responding to comments, employing competitions, using polls and general chat. You can speak to your customers about things that matter to them most – their fears, their desires, their problems – you can slay their fears, fulfill their desires and provide solutions. And remember that you can use these solutions to sell what they need – your product or services. On a Page you can bridge the gap between salespersons and a trusted friend, because the communication is more intimate.

One of the most important aspect of having a Page is that your customers can share your business / organisation with their friends and family.  This raises your profile and ultimately will increase your reach.

Using a Facebook Page you can turn nothing into something.