With the rapid growth in the use of social media, there is a direct correlation to the decline of people visiting official brand website. It has been predicted that social media sites will increasingly be used as a portal to the rest of the internet and to access everything else we do online.

A Facebook Business Page is thus your way to reach your customers with instant communication with your customers.  It gives you an opportunity to reach a broad number of people and organisations including customers you don’t have yet. You can create and build your own community and connect with them directly according to your brand and the voice you wish to use to support your brand.

Pages can be found by anyone by simply doing a search in the Facebook search bar, but the person has to ‘Like’ the page in order to access it fully and according to the settings on that Page to allow or disallow certain levels of interaction.

Every time you post something on your Business Page – using text, or posting a photograph, video or a link to a website, the item will appear on the news feed of those who have liked the page.  These items can then also be shared, liked and commented on by those who see it in their news feed. This increases your reach as it will show up in their friend’s news feed saying person x has shared, liked or commented on X Page. It is a very powerful tool in any business.

The average Facebook user spends more than 55 minutes a day on Facebook. This of course means there is more opportunity to increases access to your customers, improves engagement with your customers, and you are able to reach a specific audience – people who are more likely to buy your product or services.  You can put your business in front of your customers and potential customers every day.

Do you need a Facebook Page for your business? Yes you do!