Merely meeting the customer’s needs is the basic requirement in customer service. It seems so simple…doesn’t it?

Here are a few pointers to get the basics sorted:

  1. Anticipate your customer’s needs – as they approach you, see if you can deliver service without then having to say anything.  Remember, many people will not actually say what they need or want – they sort of expect you to know.  So, one way to impress is to be one step ahead of them.  You want them to say, “I didn’t even know I needed that….but I do.”
  2. Take a genuine interest in your customer – smile, engage, acknowledge and make them feel that the interaction with you is not a chore.  Be completely genuine in your actions.
  3. If things don’t go well – do not ignore them.  That makes it worse.  Accept responsibility (for yourself or on behalf of the company/ organisation) and then communicate with your customer – they need to be clear what happened.  And then put actions in place to fix the issue, the concern or the problem.  If you are not able to fix it, find someone who can, and if you really cannot fix it, put something in place to apologise – you cannot turn back the clock, so use the experience to learn for next time.
  4.  Be clear in your body language, in your speech and in your response to your customer that you are always there for them and that you are open to their needs (within reason of course).  You can also ensure that you regularly ask if there is anything (or anything else) you can do for them.

Finally, be positive and ensure your body language and speech is never, in anyway, interpreted as a moan or a ‘that is not possible’ communication. Smile lots!

Sounds simple…see if you can commit to being conscious of these points when you are next at work. You will see things around you transform.